Thursday, March 4, 2010

the cyber art of feeding

The more I do this blogging thing the more complex it gets. It started out as an idea. An idea about wanting to wax on and on about food. And now, it's bordering on an obsession - mostly fueled by the fact that there are people out there (you) who actually kinda like reading what I have to say about food.

So, now I find myself playing with borders and fonts, looking a different blog templates and getting really into taking pictures (yep, this is why it bothers me so much that my camera is still in the shop). All of this is to try and make the blog more appealing to you - so if somethin's missing, let me know!

The latest thing that a few people have asked for now is a way to receive emails when a new post goes up. When I first started the blog I had Blogspot's little gadget for showing off followers which would also allow people to sign up and follow but I found that it made the blog a little too busy - especially as more of you started following (it shows cute little pics of each follower), so I took it off.

BUT I've found a much more understated way of allowing you to get these updates and it's called Feeding. Isn't that perfect?!?! So, if you want to be cyber-fed by me, then go ahead and click on the link on the upper right hand of the blog and type in your email address.

Shockingly enough, Red Door Epicure is already up to over 20 followers! Thanks to whoever you are and I look forward to blogging with you!

Stay tuned to later in the day for chantrelle and cauliflower tart...

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